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The Black Cherry

Longboards & Skateboards

made in Germany

Black Cherry Bandit



Urban cross-over








Walnut veneer as the top sheet

Durable and rigid hickory core

Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement

Glass fiber biaxial reinforcement

Newschool or oldschool hole pattern

Optional deep wheelwells

Black Cherry Skateboards

 100 % maple veneer

Sustainable cold pressing technology

Optional tinted/pickled sheets

Laser engraved Design and Logo









Black Cherry Ice Blades


 Ride on Ice with your regular Longboard or Skateboard

Just remove your wheels and mount your set of 4 ultra light blades (skids)

All necessary mounting parts are included


Black Cherry Ice Blades

We use gigh alloyed steel X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2

High wear resistance and maximum rigidity

The blades will not rust




Black Cherry Ice Blades


We offer two designs of our Ice Blades

 ultra light design perfect for long tours and homogenious ice conditions

Heavy duty design high manoveribility and bad ice conditions




Black Cherry Ice Blades


 High precision CNC-laser cut

Glas-bubble blasted surface

Grinded skid-surface and engraved Logo






Dont be shy and get in touch with the Black Cherry to order Ice Blades/Skids or let us customize your complete Board and all your needs.

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